Buhari’s Uncle & Chief of Staff, Kyari, angry with Asiwaju Tinubu; wants SGF, NSF, EFCC Chair sacked –

September 28, 2016



written by Our Reporter September 26, 2016


Chief of staff to the President, Mallam Abba Kyari, an Uncle to President
Mohammeadu Buhari wants the Secretary to the Government of the Federation,
SGF, Babachir David Lawal, the National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno
and Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC,
Ibrahim Magu sacked from the administration.

Kyari is accusing them of leaking sensitive Government information to
“enemies of the Government,” and undermining security activities and
posing as a serious danger to the survival of the President Buhari’s
Government, a Presidential source told

The Chief of Staff is also not happy with the National Leader of the All
Progressive Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for allegedly fanning
the embers of discord within the Presidency and aligning with “some
forces” to malign Buhari’s trusted aides and have them sacked, gathered. sources inside the Presidency confirmed that President
Buhari has been adequately briefed of the activities of the trio by the
Chief of Staff.

Sources told that already, Kyari has usurped some
functions of the NSA and SGF considered “very sensitive” claiming those
currently occupying the positions are not trustworthy within the Buhari’s

According to the highly placed source who does not want to be named,
Monguno is accused by Kyari as using his sensitive office to leak security
meetings and expose President Buhari’s activities to perceived enemies of
the Government and the Media.

“Kyari does not trust Monguno. He believes the NSA leak information to the
media and those who are considered enemies of the President within the APC
and other Parties. He is doing everything possible to have him sacked,”
the source told

The source added that the NSA not only releases information to “enemies of
the Government” but also manipulates the information he releases to indict
the Chief of Staff to the President and any other person he perceives to
be against him.

On the SGF, the source told that senior officials of
the Buhari’s Presidency no longer pass sensitive information through his
office as the Chief of Staff have told them he is a mole and not trust-

“The Chief of Staff told some people that no classified information
received by the SGF has remained with him. He particularly mentioned a
certain information from a meeting with the President which was later
discovered to have been leaked to some APC leaders and the media.”

The Chief of Staff, according to the source is particularly angry with the
National Leader of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu
whom he accuses of clandestinely working against President Buhari. gathered that the Chief of Staff believes Tinubu’s
anger is purely based on the refusal of President Buhari to allow him
unfettered access to the Presidency.

“Tinubu does not have direct access to President Buhari. He has to go
through the Chief of Staff. Most times he wants to see the President, the
Chief of Staff rebuffs his request. So that has become Tinubu’s anger
because he believes he should not be hindered from enjoying the
Presidency,” the source said.

Kyari, according to the source believes part of Tinubu’s antic is to use
the South West Media and disgruntled APC leaders to malign him and others
and have them sacked and replaced by “Bourdillon lackeys.”

On the EFCC Chairman, sources told that the Chief of
Staff has sworn never to see to the confirmation of Magu as the
substantive Chairman of the anti-graft agency by the Senate. He has
accused Magu of running a vendetta and Casino like agency purely to
satisfy the desires of the NSA and the SGF.

“Kyari believes the trio of Monguno, Babachir and Magu are working
together to undermine Buhari. For Magu, Kyari believes he runs errands for
the NSA and Babachir and also leaks information skewed to serve the
interest of the two men to the media and other people.


CRACK IN THE PRESIDENCY: Abba Kyari Wants NSA, SGF, EFCC Chair Sacked, Angry With Tinubu

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2016. 6:40 p.m. [GMT]



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4 Comments on “Buhari’s Uncle & Chief of Staff, Kyari, angry with Asiwaju Tinubu; wants SGF, NSF, EFCC Chair sacked –”

  1. F Bakare Says:

    If this story is true, Abba Kyari is becoming too powerful and will kill Buhari and jeopardise the progress of this country due to his selfishness. The Almighty God knows how to reveal Himself and the truth at all times. What would he and his cliques have said if the trio so alleged were nominated into the positions by the sidelined political juggernaut from the SW.

    People who never played any part in the formation and emergence of APC as a party, are now calling the shots and have fenced Buhari from those that helped him climb the ladder of political success. It would be better for Buhari to trace his steps back and free himself from shenanigans and sycophants.

    History knows the way to repeat itself. We experienced this during the First and Second Republics, and what were the consequences? By and large some people contributed a lot of energies and even shed their ambitions to wrestle power from the corruption-infested PDP; otherwise, what would have become Nigeria today.

    Unless President Buhari has a hidden agenda to satisfy “the-born-to-rule” cliques, he should trace his steps back and re-structure the country in line with the promises he made during the campaign period.

    At times, when I look at the way things are going, I feel sad remembering late Hubert Ogunde’s song “Yoruba Ronu”. The wordings in it always indicate the truth. No matter what, even those of us who truly love Nigeria to succeed and reach heights that God positions her to through her human and natural resources, are Yoruba or Ibo or Edo … first before we are Nigerian.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      Thanks very much for this contribution.

      I’m sure none can force a president to take a turn he does not subscribe to and as such, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is, as the saying goes, the dog wagging the tail rather than the other way round.

      However, if things have gotten to the stage that the Abba Kyaris, Dauras and other relations as well as Nigerians of Islamic faith from the core North are the ones calling the shot as Turai Yar Adua as another cabal did when late Yar Adua became mortally ill, your advice would be in order: retrace his steps, and I would add that if he finds it unable to continue to act effectively because for whatever reasons, he should just step down. Yemi Osibajo, the VP, is there to take over.

      Others who are planning to rule because they were “born to rule”, are welcome to do so: IN NW NIGERIA.




  2. Adegoke G. Falade Says:

    I knew it was only a matter of time before this happens!
    We are in the End of Time, in which nothing wrong shall stand the test of time.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      Incredible times we are seeing in Nigeria these days. It’s as if the past did not happen: the pogrom; hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions died in the East during the civil war; thousands of lost lives in the West; millions of pounds worth of lost properties; Nigeria’s stagnation … all because of miscalculations, selfishness and other faults from every area of Nigeria.

      Forgetting the past, as in situations like this, has always proved a grave mistake.

      Buhari, like Obasanjo, was given wide acclamation and acceptance by popular mandate, perhaps close to what MKO got but was deprived from ruling Nigeria through the same mad “born to rule” ambition and sense of self-entitlement.

      Like Obasanjo, it seems Buhari is unmindful of the probability of not only squandering his chance to go into the History books as the man who resurrected Nigeria from the brink and shot her to a position of greatness but that he stands the unenviable chance of being the last head of a Nigerian government.

      Obasanjo’s political ruination was the result of the elevation of corrupt practices that would forever be credited to his admin because he was so consumed by a mad ambition for a third term that terrible things started to happen right under his nose ALTHOUGH we cannot forget the huge stain on him acquiring government properties, including Transcorp, et cetera for which he, Okereke (the Stock Exchange woman) and others got for less than a song.

      One – retired General Obasanjo (rGO) – was on the threshold of greatness during his first term but threw it away and went for what he needed not. The other – retired General Buhari – rode triumphantly to Aso Rock May 29, 2015 on a wave of goodwill and mass jubilation but chose the path of parochialism: continuing the “fight of his people/nationality and his faith (Islam) to rule Nigeria for ever seemed a more attractive option.

      If Buhari continues along this narrow-minded view point, he would not be leading Nigeria for long, and like his former boss in the army, he would have chosen a path that no leader, anywhere in the world, has ever surmounted.

      rGO’s verdict of history is already in – either he likes to believe it or not – and no matter how much running up and down for a relevance that he would not have needed IF he had kept his second term as purposeful as the first term – he keeps doing.

      Buhari’s? Time is still very much still on his hands and he does have a choice in deciding how he wants History to regard him.

      A statesman, rGO ain’t, pardon the colloqualism; Buhari can still pick up the baton he has seemingly purposely dropped – and take another shot. Otherwise, he would join his former Commander as another popular Nigerian leader who blew his chance to re-make and re-work Nigeria and earn himself greatness as well as immortality.

      The choice is yours, Mr. President.

      Thanks, Prof. & Sincere regards,



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