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September 29, 2016


Please check out this “Official Election Mail” I received from:



Bernie with Clinton at the University of New Hampshire rally yesterday. [Credit: Google Images]

“When you have Republicans telling us that it is OK to give tens and tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the richest people in this country, do not tell me that we cannot afford to make public colleges and universities tuition free …”  [Bernie at the University of New Hampshire yesterday to a rally with Clinton attended by over a thousand students. He reminded students most of whom would graduate college with loan burdens each of which would be a sizable deposit for a home loan, adopted by Clinton from Bernie’s Platform.]

I was with Bernie Sanders, and Bernie is now with her:

And, of course THIS:

Not great: Major political donor Jeffrey Leeds told Powell in an email last March that Hillary Clinton 'HATES' President Obama (above at the Democratic National Convention in July)

“I don’t think there has ever been someone so qualified to hold this office, “She’s got the courage, the compassion, and the heart to get the job done … I have seen her judgment,” said the president. “I’ve seen her toughness. I’ve seen her commitment to our values up close. And I’ve seen her determination to give every American a fair shot at opportunity, no matter how tough the fight – that’s what’s always driven her, and still does.” – President Obama, issuing a rallying call to unite Democrats, and firing up those who helped get him to the presidency in ’08 & ’12.

And like my own little constituency: from friends, family, to this blog’s readers, and beyond – Nigerian-Americans who call the USA home; African-Americans who are still torn by sound bites from a worse-than a snake oil salesman who think nothing of words enshrined in the Constitution that practices such as frisk and search (which tends to target AfrAmericans & Latinos) amount to ‘profiling’ which is racist; and words from this slick development arrested empty man- apologies, Mr. Hurwitz & Co. –  who sees African-Americans as mere mules whose backs he needs to ride to reach the presidency, a man whose long well-documented racist history against African-Americans is out there for all to judge … I let it be known that –

I’M ALSO WITH HER!  And so should you all be.

Forget what the hair head (not a play on words) said: African-Americans, and all Americans, especially those who did not have million-dollar inheritances, DO have a whole lot to lose if a man who cheats labor without paying when a job is completed gets to be president of the USA.

A man whose antecedent is so racist he finds it difficult to think any thought or see anybody – especially women – beyond stereotypes:

“… she gained massive amount of weight … Miss Housekeeping …” about a former Miss Universe winner, a Latina who gained weight after her victory, in his view of then owner of the Miss Universe brand, as being nothing more than those who made the beds in his hotels where many Hispanic women labor to make better lives for themselves and their families.

Of pregnant Kim K. who dressed as young expectant women stylishly dress these days, yeah, Kanye West’s wife, Trump offered:

She’s a nice person, I’ve known her over the years. She’s really a nice person … she’s gotten a little bit large …” 

As for Ms. Rosie O’Donnel, she seems to continue to haunt Trump everywhere he turns, including the recent presidential debate. Rosie, no hair-brain, gives the Donald worse than he ever can give as the English Language always fails him due to non-mastery of the language, “brilliant” – his words for himself – or not.

This is not about Hillary – alone – nor is it about THIS and THAT and THOSE things  that make many remain undecided in what is about the future of America more than personal feelings and disappointments.

It is about who will honor the office of the President of the United States with dignity rather than one who feels it’s “smart business” to avoid paying taxes;

It is about who will really continue to make America great as opposed to one who is ready to tear up all treaties signed with all foreign groups where America is held up in high esteem for pay-and-play unions;

It’s impossible for me here to count the many ways – to borrow a phrase from Barret Browning’s How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” immortal opening to a poetry that is beloved by students of English Language the world over – that a Trump victory would trump the interest of America’s core values.

I will only mention one in closing this essay: Trump sees everything from the prism of what’s-in-it-for-me: be it the housing bubble burst:

(CNN)Two years before the housing market collapsed in 2008 and millions of Americans lost their homes, Donald Trump said he was hoping for a crash.

“I sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy,” Trump said in a 2006 audiobook from Trump University, answering a question about “gloomy predictions that the real estate market is heading for a spectacular crash.”

The U.S. housing bubble burst two years later, triggering the stock market crash of 2008 that plunged the U.S. economy into a deep recession, leaving millions of Americans unemployed.


THINK ABOUT THAT; think about real patriotism and the American flag pin that is a mere pretense at patriotism by a man every USA’s citizen who will cast a vote on November 8 should run away from. A man, who despite the usual boastful stance of being very rich, including this week’s debate during which he made one of his child-like and childish bombastic boastst: “I have a tremendous income … it’s about time that this country had somebody running it that has an idea about money” is not as okay as he lets on: Forbes and financial reports including a BBC news report today,

                                   Trump’s fortune drops $800m in one year

And his refusal to release his tax returns has fueled widespread belief that must have  “something really important, even terrible, that he’s trying to hide” according to Clinton in their first debate brings poignancy that Americans cannot trust this man who boasts he’s worth $10 billion when experts who have followed his finances say he’s worth a mere fraction of that.

Millions are with her but she needs millions more to prevent a “disaster”- a word that describes most things – from Trump’s  very shallow vocabulary.

And as Michelle Obama famously said on the prospect before all Americans: “We need an adult in the White House”.  That needs no figuring out.


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2016. 11:10 a.m. [GMT]





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