Nigeria: Armed invasions of judges’ homes “political act of impunity rather than demonstration of commitment to the fight corruption” -Femi Aborisade …

October 9, 2016


“Nothing like cleansing of judiciary, this is a pure witch hunt to Southern Judges … Despite all Jubrin’s allegation against the speaker of the house the so called dss failed to invite him for questioning. Any country without the rule of law is a ZOO country …”

A commentator at a Nigeria’s news site

The growing cries by Nigerians on the manner in which some judges were harassed from their own homes by gun-wielding men of the special police (SSS) for alleged corruption, cases that have been justified by government supporters because of the huge amounts of local and foreign currencies found in some of the homes point to dramatic turn for worse in Buhari’s governance. The judges’ families were reportedly threatened.

Ordinarily, why would a majority of Nigerians, including the Bar Association that is threatening court boycotts  be opposed to judges having to be on their way to being tried for having tons of money in their homes, including the country’s Bar Association that has reportedly threatened to boycott the courts if the judges are not released.

The judges’ homes were reportedly ransacked, and millions in local and foreign currencies were reportedly found in three of the homes.

If that illegal way is the government’s way of fighting corruption, Nigerians are wondering aloud, why Buhari has not sent goon squad-type “law officers” to bundle looters whom news reports claimed stole billions, but are all roaming Nigeria and the world, free enjoying most of their loots, having returned mere fractions?

What of Saraki? He was taken through the courts without being rough-handled one bit on charges that he was cleared off on Friday. Do Nigerians (the majority) believe the charges against the sitting Senate’s president were false? The important point is that he was “tried” and found “not guilty”.

How about all the budget pad-ders at the National Assembly? What of Buratai, the top army brass whose ownership of two Dubai homes were waved off as having been bought the wife, a tale that can only be peddled and forced down citizens’ throat in Nigeria.


It is apparent that the president may perhaps be attired in flowing babanriga – but his mindset seems stuck back in Orwellian 1984 when, as military head of state, his every word did not need the inconveniences of an accused needing to go through due process of law.
The Nigerian Bar Association, the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), Afẹ́nifẹré, a Yoruba Socio-Cultural group and many others have spoken on the danger on arbitrary and unlawful arrests pose to Nigeria, and that it’s a sad slide back to Buhari’s rule during the military era.
‎Femi Aborisade, Attorney & Human Rights Advocate has this to say:
It is really the crude manner in which the security agency(ies), as the case may be, went about the invasion that is wrong.
From constitutional provisions, nothing stops anti-graft agencies from bringing to book, by following due process, any person, public officer or not, in the alleged commission of a crime, where the relevant control bodies, such as the Nigerian Judicial Council (NJC) fails, neglects or refuses to exercise disciplinary control.
But the failure of NJC to act does not justify SSS/DSS from usurping the roles of regular Police and/or the anti-graft agencies created MORE OR less out of the Police Force. The reported roles of the DSS/SSS MERELY CONFIRM that the invasion is more a political act of impunity rather than a demonstration of commitment to the fight against corruption.
A regime that elects to be deaf and dumb to allegations of corruption by relations-dominated cabinet should not be applauded when it humiliates a co-equal arm of govt.
The repression of Supreme Court justices by the EXECUTIVE (SSS/FGN) is a public announcement of descent into full blown anarchy, fascism and kissing bye-bye to our so called democracy. It deserves to be comprehensively-condemned and answered by mass protests and court boycotts.
Therein lies the guarantee of individual freedoms of expression and the right to differ.



SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2016. 3:10 p.m. [GMT]








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