Has Nigeria’s First Lady sought and received British asylum? – Tola Adenle

October 24, 2016


In a country where citizens are never addressed on important issues and often have to wait till they learn of it through foreign meida, rumors cannot but be rampant.

The situation in Nigeria right now as regards the health of President Buhari has generated a lot of hear-says in the last several months: is he sick as is peddled here and there in newspapers/sites, and if so, what exactly is wrong with him …? Nigerians being concerned cannot be dismissed because the health of the country’s head of state, with no word from the man which would be most unusual in the context of African governance, is quite justified. The country and her citizens have been dragged down such a path before.

Around the middle of the year, Saraki, the embattled Senate President whose case of alleged sundry fraudulent practices before Nigeria’s Economic Crimes Commission though now seemingly on ‘hold’, was perhaps the first to raise the alarm of “a government within” Buhari’s government.  While a presidential condemnation of Saraki was publicly carried by newspapers by a spokesperson not only for the statement but for the failure to name those in the “government within the government”, the rumors did not abate.

With the First Lady  finally crying out about a “‘cabal” that has reportedly “hijacked” the running of the government, the rumor mills have shifted into high production.

The more secretive a government tries to be, the more outrageous the rumors become, and the better the need to clarify the issues being raised becomes.

Who are members of this “government within” Buhari’s government that Saraki first talked about although situation between the Senate president and the president seem to have gotten over the stage of such a weighty cry of wolf-wolf.

And with Saraki not having to pursue his fire-on-the-mountain cry beyond firing a [sort of] warning shot, we must look to Aisha Buhari whose much-talked about interview with the BBC came second after Saraki’s about a government within Buhari’s government. The First Lady called such by its proper name, a “cabal”:a secret political clique which is usually a group out for the interest of members of the cabal.

Who are members of the “cabal”, Nigeria’s de facto rulers, that Mrs. Buhari cried out as having “hijacked” the government headed by her spouse? Not surprisingly, she did not name names but Dr. Junaid Mohammed, a Northerner and social/political activist who is not pro-Buhari, was not coy in naming Daura – a name that came as no surprise to many in Nigeria because his name is features in news reports as THE power in the presidency before whom ministers as well as other top political appointees as well as top civil servants, cower.

What is the situation of the president’s health that other people not voted for – Daura is supposedly one of the “hijackers” of Nigerian government referred to as not even possessing a voter’s card – are running the government?

Nigerians have experienced a situation of being ruled by a cabal during the illness of late President Yar Adua when his wife, Turai, managed to hide the real situation of the president’s health while she ruled Nigeria with the help of a very few inner circle.

In closing the essay posted on October 14, “Nigeria’s Buhari insults Angela Merkle & all women in response to wife’s plaintive cry over cabal”,  I wondered aloud:

With Aisha’s cries for help as it seems to me, I think Nigeria has unfortunately arrived, once again, at a Turai Yar Adua era although this time, it is not Buhari’s wife who is the de facto ruler but the Dauras and others who have featured in many news report as the controller of presidential actions, including the embarrassing plagiarism of Obama’s words to launch Buhari’s “Change” agenda.

With the information about Aisha Buhari’s British asylum which is at present a mere rumor as her husband, Nigeria’s president has not come out to say anything, and with Nigeria’s Crime agency (the EFCC) supposedly investigating her and her siblings one of whom was found to have purportedly amassed hundreds of millions of dollars from peddling influence, I knew there was probably substance to all the chatter going around as rumors.

After reading Aisha Buhari’s cry-for-help in the BBC interview, it was apparent she would be in great danger not in the hands of her husband but in the hands of The Cabal, IF, indeed, Nigeria is now being run by proxy.

By the time I got another mail three days ago containing the above info on Aisha and/or siblings being investigated by EFCC, and that one of them was handcuffed from the presidential villa, it became clear that things were getting worse in Nigeria.

With some in official circles claiming  the president was merely “joking” and being “witty” as regards his wife “belonging to the kitchen” – meaning he must have read it before the public statement, I cannot believe the president would go ahead and read something as demeaning of himself as that? I do not know Buhari beyond how most Nigerians know him but I think he’s a cautious and not-the-usual-voluble Nigerian, and having  operated at the very top for so long, the language and usually-cautious interactions in diplomacy should not have left him at that memorable meeting with Ms. Merkel.

In fact, not only did I start to believe the possibility of the existence of Fifth Columnists or worse, a Cabal, but the way the president answered the journalist’s question I referred to in an earlier post gave me second thought about the president’s well-being.  The video/tape came to me AFTER Mrs. Buhari’s BBC interview but before I read of Ken Saro-Wiwa Junior’s death.

While I referred to the video tape in the context of the answer that the president gave to the journalist’s question of equity in the Delta area as being not right, I did not use the tape because it would be inappropriate and perhaps disrespectful to the memory of the young man whose obituary I was writing.

The video tape is now used here because it perhaps supports why Nigerians would be worried about the president’s health. I must confess that with the exceptions of the Berlin press conference and this tape, I have not heard President Buhari speak since he first took office. I only read statements credited to him.

Here is the video tape:

Credit for this You Tube video tape goes to Femi Aborisade, attorney & Human Rights Activist.

And here are the couple of rumors/information I have received from Nigerians as well as from the web:

  • the EFCC is turning its investigative searchlight on Aisha Buhari and siblings, one of whom, Musa, purportedly has amassed hundreds of millions of Naira from influence-peddling. The said Musa was reported to have left the presidential villa in handcuffs. Aisha is purportedly to have been involved in money-making deals.
  • The sordid and salacious rumors of the president and his wife include the president having “divorced” Aisha twice since he took office …
  • And the last but definitely on top of the list: Aisha Buhari has already sought asylum in the UK!



I believe IF there exists a cabal, above accusations seem to be disinformation to discredit Aisha as I’ve mentioned to more than a couple of people with a view to Nigerians turning against her.

President Buhari must come out about the where the First Lady, whom a Muslim cleric reportedly said should be arrested, is. By the way, I do not believe any religious leader has the constitutional power to call for the arrest of  anybody since Nigeria is not an Islamic state.

The president also owes Nigerians information on the condition of his health. None of us is immune to being sick especially those of us in our 70s! Being perhaps one of his former staunchest supporters since the 2011 election cycle, I know he loved Nigeria, a fact that no illness could have changed.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2016. 6:37 p.m. [GMT]



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