Is Ondo State – as part of a grand divide-and-rule design – set for emergency rule? – Tola Adenle

October 28, 2016


  • Why should a governorship election candidacy selection turn into mayhem?
  • Who should decide on which candidate run for governorship election: a political party or the “federal”  government agency, the “Independent” National Election Commission?
  • Will the ongoing protests in the streets of Akure, the state capital lead to an emergency rule that would pave way for an administrator that would be there to ratify whatever the central government wants for the state?

Anybody conversant with Ondo State politics – it’s my primary home state – knows that Jimoh Ibrahim cannot win any state-wide election in the state, a fact that has been proved over and over again through his superficial attempts at getting elected into office, he has always failed to even get beyond mere intent.

Unless he’s central to the commotion in Ondo State that seems being engineered from Abuja, there’s no way he can win the November election to fill the soon-to-be-vacant position of governor.

Like the majority of Ondo State indigenes, there has always been more than a wide gulf between the PDP from its corrupt birth and monstrous full development under retired General Obasanjo, and myself.

That, though, is an irrelevant fact from the political situation in Nigeria today, and especially in Ondo. The ruling APC, grandfathered from AD and ACN, which millions like me voted for is definitely NOT the APC as Nigerians know it today: there is no discernible difference between APC and PDP – except the names.

The PDP has been rendered into two factions just as had happened to the APC when the party’s founder and main financier, Asiwaju Tinubu, was blind-sided in a grand design to dispossess him of those in the party’s hierarchy who remain loyal to him – a Step One to planting discord among Yorubas. Just as I’ve never been remotely sympathetic to the PDP, I no longer believe in, nor belong to the APC, but since there’s no room for Independent voters in Nigeria, I no longer have any political home.

While I may not have a party as a home, I am committed politically and socially to peace in my native Ondo State and beyond.

Somehow, the patch-patch work on bringing the warring factions of APC under the same roof with a candidate supposedly fathered from Abuja which remains unacceptable to all was allowed to stand, and the PDP’s fratricidal war has created an opening to – perhaps – create a situation that would eventually see Abuja APC candidate become Ondo’s next governor.

All is supposedly in preparation for 2019 even while the promises of 2015 are yet to be fulfilled.

I cannot and do not keep pace with the bare-face shenanigans and evil that go on in the politics of several factions claiming to represent parties but I do keep track of what is supposedly going on in news report.

October 14 – INEC declared [Sheriff] Ibrahim the recognized PDP candidate

October 20 – [Makarfi] Jegede faction rejected court action; filed a stay-of-execution against judgement recognizing Ibrahim

October 27 – Court rejected Makarfi faction’s case; Ibrahim stands.

October 27 – Makarfi faction files a court restraining order against Ibrahim’s INEC recognition of Ibrahim.

October 27 – INEC goes ahead and names Ibrahim as recognized-candidate.

NOTE: I am a non-legal mind and as such, do not know nor can I understand, why the Sheriff faction’s running to a “federal” court as a port of first call to seek redress.

Apart from the Abuja “Federal” High Court which has now issued a ruling that INEC considers final, there still exist two other levels at which Makarfi & Co. should be able to pray for redress in a truly “federal” set-up: the Federal Appeals Court and the Supreme Court although in a judicial system stacked against the South, it would be a crap-shoot, to borrow an American expression that fits this situation.

No matter what, anyway, the law should be allowed to take its course. INEC is led by the North; the judiciary is led by the North, the apparatus of state security is led by the North in this matter that Yorubas’ interest – PDPers, APCers … – are up, once again, being led to be sacrificed using willing Yoruba tools.

As of yesterday evening (Thursday, October 27) when I read Nigerian news online,  the name of Eyitayo Jegede was supposedly the man to represent the PDP in Ondo State.

As things stand, Ondo and Ekiti States seem on the path of being declared under the so-called much-abused “emergency rule” of a presidential-appointee. Ekiti State’s case seems assured with the recent [mostly Fulani/Hausa] cattle owners association which has challenged the state’s law that restricts the rampaging by herdsmen and their cows in the state.

A recent incident that saw five cows “arrested” and detained by the state’s agency legislated by the State Assembly has been taken to the president, a move that saw Ekiti-born Femi Ojudu – a former senator representing the state but now an “adviser” to President Buhari on political matters – reportedly meeting with the cow owners union.

As pointed out in yesterday’s posting, Ekiti’s Ojudu accused of supporting herdsmen’s invasion of Ekiti, I included the following caveat at the end of the essay which was culled from an online site:  “We do not know exactly what Ojudu discussed with the cattle owners’ association and have to wait for a statement to the contrary story here.”

Would it not be better if a presidential aide is to look into the matter, Ojudu would call both sides to send representatives?

After all, we remember that the president, then a citizen without the position of authority he now holds, led the cattle owners to Oyo State’s late Governor Adesina, a meeting he reportedly led his men out of because he believed Yorubas whose farms were ruined and whose women were raped by the cattle rearers should pay damages which Lam Adesina did not agree with.

 I think the goings-on in Yorubaland should worry everybody because these seemingly perhaps unrelated and unimportant issues may come to haunt not only those who believe in the here-and-now of Nigerian politics for which betrayals and bottom line – money and power – but 2019 – if/how it comes for Nigeria – may see Yorubas flung back to the events that led to the region losing many lives and properties.

The politics of my-people & our-people-versus-you-people, either Yorubas like to believe it or not, IS what Nigeria is. We must not allow Nigeria to water her politics with the blood of our people.

The same vehicle that the president rode to power is being dismantled in the typical divide-and-rule method that the North has long perfected.

We must say, enough is enough, and must rally round “our own.”


Protesters take to Akure’s main thoroughfare, Oba Adesida Road, against the “imposition of Jimoh Ibrahim as candidate of a PDP faction, today, October 28, 2016. – TOLA

Credit: Josiah Oluwole

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2016. 4:45 p.m.

UPDATE: Friday, October 28, 2016. 8:00 p.m. [GMT]

From  “… Giving details of the crisis, Mr. Mimiko said INEC took a right decision when it rejected Mr. Ibrahim’s name after the governorship primary organised by the Ali Sheriff faction of the PDP. Messrs Mimiko and Jegede are members of the Ahmed Makarfi-led PDP. INEC had rejected Mr. Ibrahim’s name as the primary, held in Ibadan, was not monitored by the electoral commission and security agencies.

“There is nothing about 2016 election in that judgement. So, on the basis of this, INEC refused and discountenanced the name of Jimoh Ibrahim as a candidate,” he said.

“Then they went ahead and filed form 48 and from the blues, the same Justice Abang mandated INEC to replace the name of Eyitayo Jegede who emerged through a primary process that was supervised by INEC, security agencies on live television with all delegates that were supposed to participate, then Abang ordered that Jimoh Ibrahim should replace Eyitayo Jegede.”

According to Mr. Mimiko, his group had gone to appeal the judgment, filed all necessary papers which should serve as a stay of execution.

“We didn’t want to take chances because somebody in INEC told us that they obey the last order in the commission.

“Some went to court and obtained two different orders mandating INEC not to substitute Eyitayo Jegede. We served one on INEC around 10 a.m. yesterday (Thursday), and we served INEC with the other one at the close of business around 3 p.m.

“Only around 7 or 8 pm, we got to know that INEC for no justifiable reason had substituted the name of Jegede and replaced it with that of Ibrahim.”

The governor argued that the commission had no basis for accepting Mr. Ibrahim given the circumstances under which he emerged and in the face of two retraining orders.

He said the time for substitution of candidates had elapsed going by the electoral time table.

Mr. Mimiko said INEC’s action could potentially cause a breach of peace.

“In Ondo State in the last seven and half years, we have done everything possible to put good governance on the table,” said Mr. Mimiko. “We see this action as potentially dangerous.”

“It can cause conflagration in the state and that is why as the chief security officer of the state, I have come to alert Mr. President of the potential danger of this injustice so that we can nip it in the bud.”

He said he was assured by the President that the matter would be looked into. He said Mr. Buhari promised to address any injustice.

“The whole day from 5a.m., I have been on phone with stakeholders to ensure they keep the peace in the state,” he said while speaking on the Friday protests by residents

“The extent of the protest you have seen has been reduced by our intervention to ensure that there is no breach of peace. For the people of the state, it is just from the blues.

“I have assured them that this injustice will not stay. We will continue to explore all avenues to make INEC see reasons why this impunity must not stand.

Asked if he still had confidence in INEC to conduct credible elections, Mr. Mimiko replied: “If INEC finds it difficult to obey court order, a credible election starts with a process like this.”



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4 Comments on “Is Ondo State – as part of a grand divide-and-rule design – set for emergency rule? – Tola Adenle”

  1. Adebayo OPAWOYE Says:

    You used to praise Mimiko but the current politics in Ondo is just as you have written.




    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Doctor,

      Thanks very much for this.

      Yes, I used to be on the side of Mimiko and his highly-visible and commendable effort in Ondo which is exactly where I generally stand: a politician’s work earning the politician commendation.

      While Dr. Mimiko may have disappointed many of us in Ondo by joining the PDP, the greater good should always remain the goal, and it’s very important to note that Nigeria’s politics as noted in my submission, defies ideologies and the APC has become as reactionary as any of the old Northern Nigerian-born-and-bred parties: NPC, NPN …

      In addition, the majority in Ondo State still APPEARS to prefer Mimiko’s faction rather than Ibrahim who CANNOT, without assistance of rigging, win ANY state-wide election.

      Jimoh Ibrahim a stooge in the hands of Abuja. As most Nigerians know very well, MOST in Ondo & Ekiti States – the old Ondo Province – will NEVER take tele-guiding by hegemonists lying down.

      Where the majority stands is the best choice of one who writes for public consumption. The interest of the masses is a solid rock on which I always stand in Nigeria’s, especially Yoruba politics.

      Sincere regards,




    Anyone who refuses to learn and understand the facts of history shall likely become slave to supposed slaves. Everyone has elders at home; this is the time to consult them appropriately before their departure. Only ignorance will make princes serve and worship their subjects.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Yẹmi,

      O ma ṣe,aburo ati ènìa mi!

      After posting the essay a while ago, someone called to ask if I was aware that the “convention” that supposedly selected Ibrahim took place at at Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, a 100 miles-plus from Akurẹ! Well, it was the first time I heard that but it did not surprise me.

      Under retired General Obasanjo, Late Governor Agagu, whose “election” was massively rigged by rGO’s “Independent” election commission, escaped at night to Agagu Abuja
      where Agagu’s “victory” was announced. He was later removed by the law courts after the criminality of “governing” Ondo.

      With rGO cozying up to Buhari, the àmúlùmàlà in Ondo State should not be dismissed as a by-the-way.

      The design on 2019 – and the years beyond – with not a single of Buhari’s campaign promises having been fulfilled, is the goal of Buhari.

      “Two parties” being canvassed by rGO would be a Northern Nigerian party and another one, and the Northern party would field a Northerner who will not likely be Buhari (health, age …), and the rest of us can, if we wait till 2018, would have nowhere to turn but become appendages in our own country.

      Ẹni ba l’eti, k’o gbọ!



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