Nigeria, World’s highest cassava producer, imports gari from India! -Sola Adeniyi

February 22, 2017



I would like to ask: how much were you paid in bribe? Is this how far we are mentally bankrupt?  


This is sincerely an absurdity of monumental proportion and a shame!

Nigerian government and regulatory agencies (if they still exist) should cover their faces in shame.

I would like to ask: how much were you paid in bribe? Is this how far we are mentally bankrupt?  

We are indeed in a big mess in this country. Can you imagine imported gari from India now selling in shops in Nigeria, and the food and drink regulatory body, NAFDAC, approve this?
Habaaaaaa, Gari, too?

So we finally have reached rock bottom and have consigned our dear country to a dumping ground for all forms of Asian mindless madness.

Nigeria is the world’s largest producer of cassava but here we are, shamelessly displaying Indian- made gari  showing no less than an Indian sari-clad maiden on the packages on Nigerian supermarket shelves.

Do we still have the Customs service? Where is NAFDAC and other such regulatory agencies?

This is indeed a shame that must be condemned by all well-meaning,  patriotic and passionate Nigerians.

We do hope that these government agencies that seemed to have looked the other way when this poorly-produced – AND EXPENSIVE – products are hauled into Nigeria should get set to meet Nigerians on the street in hot protests.

Enough of this broad daylight rape of our economy and our collective wealth, spending limited foreign exchange on products that abound within the country.
In the same token, we call out on Nigerians to just condemn this shameful act and match such condemnations with a clear statement in action refusing to purchase such foreign-made goods that Nigeria has better potential to produce.

This call has become important because millions of Nigerians have a funny penchant for goods produced outside the Nigerian shores even when these goods may be sub-standard, and pose obvious threats to our health and well being.

It is instructive to note that today the WHO ranks Nigeria so low on some key health indices that ranks the country behind almost all much smaller African nations.
Dear country men and women, here is a frantic and heartfelt call to redeem what is left of our national pride. Please may we all rise to condemn the importation of gari of all things!

Please let’s rebroadcast this on – ELECTRONIC and PRINT media until it arrives the corridors of decision -making in this country.

Sola Bunmi Adeniyi
Executive Director
Natural Nutrient Limited

Thanks, S. Bisi, for bringing this to blogger’s attention.


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2017. 2:23 a.m. [GMT]



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2 Comments on “Nigeria, World’s highest cassava producer, imports gari from India! -Sola Adeniyi”

  1. mary olugbemigun Says:

    This is a shame to the entire Nigerian people in a country that has surplus cassava of all brands.

    I hope the Govt. agency responsible will rise up to its duties and fish out the culprits that authorised the importation of the stuff despite the scarce foreign exchange problem we have.

    The Lord will deliver us from this EVIL, amen.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android



    • emotan77 Says:

      A real shame on us collectively, including those of us who have no hands in the corruption that must have made this possible IF official-channel foreign exchange, indeed, was involved.

      Thanks, and regards,



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