July 11, 2017


An old idea of using radio to disseminate an idea like family planning in Nigeria is ver welcome.

It seems Nigeria’s run-away population growth is of no concern to govt at all leveks by the sheer growth rate while scarce resiurces continue to be devoted to religious pilgrimages.

That Nigeria will supposedly be the THIRD MOST-POPULATED COUNTRY ON EARTH in a couple of decades has not registered any government concern is baffling.

As nothing stops states from charting their own paths on an issue like this, it would be good if SW states and those that think Nigeria’s population growth has already passed an unsustainable level would emulatw Oyo.

Adejokeiyabadan's Blog

“IRETI EDA” Radio Program Returns: Weekly Program to Air in Oyo State


The “Get It Together” Campaign, led by the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative 2 (NURHI 2), will launch 26 new episodes of their weekly radio program – Ireti Eda – during the week of July 14, 2017.

The new episodes of Ireti Eda in Oyo continues the captivating drama it was known for intermixed with real-life testimonials from community leaders, health service providers, and program listeners. This combination of entertaining and educational content encourages all Nigerians and Oyo people in particular to KNOW the facts about family planning, TALK to their partner, and GO for family planning services – the key message of NURHI 2’s Get It Together campaign.

“I like the radio program Ireti Eda because it educates us on Family Planning, especially through the drama characters, highlighting the need, importance and methods of Family Planning…

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