Another world’s 1st from Nigeria, soon: President may run for 2nd term despite long hospitalization – Tola Adenle

August 16, 2017


President Buhari is mortal and deserves nothing but utter sympathy by his compatriots for  an illness that has seen him away from the country for multiple oversea medical trips since he became Nigeria’s president.

Nigerians, a very understanding and church and mosque-going people, have cut Buhari a lot of slack during his long illness. Most Churches offer prayers for him – the president is a Muslim – every Sunday during worship, and individuals also pray for him in reported praying groups.

The president, who is reported in the news from time to time as having spoken to individuals – during an earlier sick-off in England, he reportedly called to congratulate Trump on his election – recently called to congratulate a state governor on the death of his mother according to newsreports.

Despite all these reported reaching out to diverse groups and individuals, Buhari has not, to my knowledge, recorded a single “Fellow Nigerians …” speech to show he cares as much for the country he rules as he does for a state’s governor who has lost his aged mother.

If the president is well enough to make those witty, alert and to-the-point remarks during discussions with his Nigerian politician visitors, if he could call to commiserate with a governor … he should be aware enough to know he owes it to Nigerian citizens to handle his health matters in a way that would not hamper the running of government, which should include addressing them through a video recording.

Yet, the know-nothing cabal who surrounds him and feed fat over his illness, the politicians, the retinue of aides whose fortunes – you can take that literarily – are tied to his being alive, continue to propagate ideas that show their lack of commitment to Buhari’s ideals of forthrightness.

“He can rule from anywhere … presidential jets can stand by as long as … and other ill-digested [Nigerian] political cliches.

Worse, these men and women all seem united in apparently hiding that he is unable to return and may be unable to return for a while to his duties by announcing no-specific “date of return”, how greatly on the mend he is contrary, supposedly, to what mischief-makers are peddling …

The very worst of the situation is the endless stream of elected and non-elected officials who trot to pay homage and feed sycophantic breathless reports – at great government expense to Nigerians through the media. Each batch of pilgrims/patronage-seekers – know no other fitting descriptions – have been representatives of governors, “lawmakers” of both chambers, “media team”, et cetera – all of whom are paid generous allowances (estacodes) in foreign currencies for needless trips for MOST of them.

Meanwhile, not-less-than one presidential jet has literarily been beside the president’s bed in a non-hospital setting where he’s receiving treatment for most of 2017.

Nigeria’s long-suffering masses raised more than a whimper about the anomaly of a country whose national carrier was pillaged to death through corrupt practises having to pay huge amounts for parking fees for a jet in London for the better part of a year when the beneficiary of the absurdity was voted into office as a man who would turn Nigeria’s fortune around by – among other cuts – turning most of the jets in the fleet over to a resuscitation of the old Nigerian Airways.

Buhari promised on the campaign trail to end President Goodluck (he was nothing but ‘bad luck’ to Nigeria) Jonathan’s presidential fleet of more than a dozen planes and ensure most of the planes would be redeployed to re-birth the dead Nigerian Airways. That airline was my personal first choice – like many Nigerians I know – back in the early 1980s on the direct Lagos to New York route. Its economy and First Classes compared quite favorably with such biggies as Swissair and major European airlines back then.

It would succeed as Nigerian government officials would, in their wasteful peripathetic wanderings around the globe have to use the national carrier which would be patronized by many Nigerians IF the service and prices are competitive.

Fat chance for hopes in Nigeria!

Despite Nigeria’s heavy external and domestic borrowings, it’s amazing that Nigeria’s political leadership at “federal” and state levels cannot see any linkage between the country’s continued poverty and pan-handling ways and its profligacy.

How about his promise – Which many, including this bogger believed that he would cancel oversea medical treatment for civil servants?

What happened to Buhari’s voice?

From time to time, there are high-flying words of praise, thanks, et cetera supposedly from the president whose recourse to repartees never seems to miss the mark:

I have finally wondered, therefore when Buhari’s “media team”, led by his Communications Minister, Lai Momammed reportedly “expressed delight at his improved health, and how he felt about the different conjectures on his health”, and how Nigerians, Africa and the world are praying for him, the president – not known for possessing a gift of the garb – was able, despite an illness that has kept him mute to his country’s citizens, reportedly retorted:

  • Being well-informed: ‘an amused President Buhari said he followed events at home closely, lauding Nigerian television stations, and the media generally, for keeping him informed.
  • Prayers:   “What we did in The Gambia early this year fetched us a lot of goodwill …
  • His health:  “I feel I could go home, but the doctors are in charge. I’ve now learnt to obey orders, rather than be obeyed.”Retired General Muhammadu Buhari, President & Commander-in-Chief of the “Federal” Republic of Nigeria, rather than the continued messages of “appreciation” and hope of seeing Nigerians “soon”,
  • if you are really able to hold all these lucid, vibrant and aware discussions with those that most Nigerians view as no more than [sort of] “master’s voice”,
  • if you, that those of us who fought ceaselessly from 2011 – four long years before you finally won a prize you had fought and failed to win during three earlier presidential elections – to help you win in 2015 do NOT believe you are a born Nigerian politician (liars, cheats … and more of whores – pardon the earthy language), AND
IF YOU ARE ABLE TO TALK, I’M AT A LOSS WHY YOU haven’t dismissed the charade – a prison, pardon me – that your handlers have extensively constructed  around you, and that those who have gained/stand to gain by the disdain with which you now seem to hold Nigerians, whom you really MEANT to serve as president, broken these invisible chains that hold you captive.


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2017. 1:54 GMT







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6 Comments on “Another world’s 1st from Nigeria, soon: President may run for 2nd term despite long hospitalization – Tola Adenle”

  1. Femi Aborisade Says:

    Great thoughts, Aunty. I agree with you absolutely.



  2. mr.johnsons.snapshots Says:

    never thought I would say this – and probably still find my saying it hard to believe – but in “a way” I sort of miss (the wonderfully named) Goodluck Jonathan – sad yes, I know –



    • emotan77 Says:

      Don’t worry, Bro; we think all sorts of thoughts, and Nigeria is an entity that tosses up assortments of characters that could make one [sort of] enjoy the craziness of the happenings while one forgets the actors.

      Not really sad that you would feel as you do because I think our brains turn on mechanisms that help us cope with certain not-possible-in-this-world kinds of happenings that are common-place in these parts.

      Sincere regards,

      Liked by 1 person



    Simply abracadabra! When a people are drugged or are cast to operate their daily activities under spell, how can they understand their abnormalities as illogical?. A well packaged and articulately designed impoverishment schemes aaccording to agenda by juntas beginning from Babangida era, seem to have perfected the preparation and deliberate delivery of the spell. Rules of logic don’t prevail anymore! The fictional banana republic has been made realistic in our age. Successfully, feudalism with fascism have found fertile ground and it’s thriving and expanding. Europe confronted and subdued feudalism after thousands of years of wilderness experience. Henceforth comes their renaissance, leading to today’s information age status.
    To us, half literature leaders have relentlessly romance and adopted feudalism to return us to the wilderness.
    Those of us immunedto the spell must not stop. Amongst us shall arise the messiah, somehow, someday.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Yemi,

      Your take wouod be really funny if not so true and so tragic.

      There’s a Yoruba saying: Ti nwon ba pe e ni ab’ifun rairai, wa pa ifun re mo – something like one being called an unpleasant name can reject it/or one can redeem oneself by doing away with [bad] old ways!

      Why can’t we have a spell removed – one way or another – if we cannot prevent a spell being cadt, a “spell” that enslaves us?




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