Siege on Nigeria’s democracy continues as country’s “Federal” Govt barricades homes of Senate Presdident & Deputy in party-switch saga – Tola Adenle

July 25, 2018


The ongoing political events in Nigeria are troubling, to say the least. AGAIN, I ask: what is going on in Nigeria?

The residences of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki (B.S) and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu in an attempt to carry out a [sort of] regime change by people purported to be loyal to Buhari, in the continued cutting and slashing towards the 2019 elections. Saraki was supposedly needed to report to the police to answer – a-hem – a few questions about THAT Offa robbery to which he was purportedly connected.

While a police detachment was sent to B.S’s house, EFCC men appeared at Ekweremadu’s premises, pardon me – in hot pursuant of Buhari’s war against corruption – to see the man about “money laundring.
Even for a died-in-the-wool critic of B.S. like this blogger whose first reaction to the “Offa Robbery linkage to the Senate President was “impossible; must be a frame-up”, the early morning show was not only petty, vindictive and reckless, the event of Tuesday, July 24 was bizzare and amateurish. (When I saw his dexterous moves in Kwara politics back when he was governor, I wrote: the old fox – his dad, Dr. Olusola Saraki, Senate President in Shagari’s NPN government – must be smiling from … ). It did not and should not make sense to most that B.S. would be/needed to be involved in being an enabler to armed robbers simply because the returns could never justify what he would lose.

Another reason I had for the swift conclusion I reached is that I may be an incurable optimist about life, generally, but skepticism is deeply ingrained in me as far as Nigeria is concerned. I had a relation who, during the Western crisis in 64/65 had a goat “found” in his yard and was arrested for a missing goat found in his premises! BTW, he was principal of a secondary school.

Get a true picture of what actually happened to Saraki and his deputy from my source:

Yeah, he belonged to the opposition party – card-carrying, alright but not a politician. BTW, he was a secondary school principal, but such things matter very little in Nigeria’s political theater of absurdities.

Of course I could not envisage the drama On The Way to Buhari’s re-election would soon start in earnest at a theater in my front and backyard of Ekiti where a governor – say or think what you will based on “antecedent” – was physically manhandled by Nigerian policemen.
Long before PDPers started defecting in droves to the APC before the 2015 elections, this blogger had wondered aloud why members from a party variously described as a “nest of killers” by Nobel Laureate, Soyinka), I wrote Nigeria, Inc., a “nation or a crime syndicate on Dec 19, 2011: “… Seeing Oyo PDP’s crass mercantilism as main political goal in ’03, I wrote “Nigerian, Inc.” which I likened to ‘Murder, Inc’ …” That essay was first published by The Comet on Sunday in 2003 as one of my weekly essays. Most Nigerians have awful memories of the PDP, regardless of which the APC suddenly found it expedient to do business with it. This blogger therefore wondered aloud quite a few times on how the PDP could fit in with the APC’s supposed progressive ideology.

On May 30, 2011 in The Nation on Sunday (successor paper to The Comet) I cried out in an Open Letter to the Opposition National Assembly Members … to rise above party politics [to stop] Nigeria’s pillage in the hands of PDP helmsmen …

For the title, I borrowed the “crime syndicate” moniker from the original 2003 essay:

For several months now, there have been rumblings of defections from the ruling party back to their former homes, the PDP even though the Senate president’s (Saraki’s) men were denying such moves as far back as January while some of former PDPers-turned “progressives” like former Governor Kwakwanso were reportedly making peace moves.

In Nigeria as the former “progressive” APC has made clear, there really seems to be no parties nor ideologies as politicians move effortlessly, albeit gracelessly, around in search of greener pastures – read – the party in power at any given time.

I read Femi Falana’s Serious Political Parties are not built around big names or personalities but on the platform of ideology on the same subject five years ago, and used it on this blog on December 22, 2013 with a short intro that contained the following which must have surprised, if not outraged many as perhaps preposterous:

“When I read of retired Brigadier Oyinlola, Osun’s former governor who left a mountain of debt – among others of reactionary stripes – crossing to APC … both APC and PDP are two sides of the same coin …”

You may also want to check out my views on the mass defection of PDPers – with active encouragement from the “progressive” APC camp, seemingly eons ago:

Now, everything has come full circle with APC, feeling, perhaps, being betrayed by its former “brides” returning to its former spouses, and with the moves, APC’s desperation to find or create, if there exists none, ways to have Buhari and the other former “progressives” win “overwhelmingly”, come 2019 becomes acute.

As Buba Galadima said on ChannelsTV Monday night, “there won’t be another Ekiti” at election time in 2019 in reference to the election of Fayemi of the APC as the new governor, an election which “US and other election observers” reportedly described as “falling short of global best practices and electoral standards.” Galadima was being interviewed on his falling out with the president and the APC.
By the way, Galadima’s statement that his life is in danger might have sounded conspiratorial but there was news yesterday – the day after I watched the CHANNELStv news – that Galadima was in a car crash that had his vehicle sommersault!

What happened at Abuja, Nigeria’s capital this week as regards the siege on Saraki and Ekweremadu’s residences – like the physical assault on Fayoṣe on the day that APC led by Buhari showed Nigerians and the world the EVIL of the so-called “federation” Nigeria operates – is, to say the very least, a disgraceful ominous happening.

Since Saraki’s 8-year governorship at Kwara, through his leadership of, the Senate under the PDP and the abracadabra of how the newly-minted APCer retained the Senate presidency under the APC supposedly without President Buhari’s knowledge, this is the first time I would write anything that would appear to one not familiar with my writing as being on the side of Bukola Saraki (B.S.).

And I have written tons on B.S. that a search through this blog with just his names would reveal. The siege, as well as a dusting up of the “Offa Robbery” point to a dusting up of the old template as in: EFCC will soon go after you … (retired General Obasanjo’s imperial presidency). This is no hatchet job as is often common interpretation of opinion writers who calling a space by its only name.

The APC has failed to bring about the change Nigeria needs, and Buhari has failed spectacularly by turning a massive mandate to fight corruption, secure Nigeria … into a vessel of achieving ethnic, religious and political division plus DOMINATION OF NIGERIA by his people. The Fulani herdsmen who easily turn to murder when challenged by farmers whose crops are destroyed apparently know that nothing would or could happen to them as long as their Buhari rules. The president is reported to be the Grand Patron of Miyetti Alah Cattle owners Association.

The unravelling of whatever grand design will fail, otherwise the country is on her way to the grim future of breakup long forecast by those the country considers her enemies who do not wish us well.


WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2018. 11:10 A.M. [GMT]

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