A Buhari 2nd Term? (2): “Diasporan Nigerians” say ‘no more’ to Buhari’s107-day foreign hospital stay in 3 years; ‘no more’ to senators’ multimillion-dollar salaries &amp, et cetera – Frederick Odorige

October 25, 2018


Why Buhari does not deserve a second term as Nigeria’s president (2): A Series of essays by blogger and any, published elsewhere by others that point to Buhari’s failed governance since 2015.


Buhari NOT deserving of a second term as Nigeria’s president  as “Diasporan Nigerians” take the battle to the European Union where they delivered a letter.

Highlights of the letter:

  • It’s ‘no’ to all LOANS, GRANTS et cetera from the EU, America, Britain and other Western countries because our country is abundantly blessed and foreign aids are not needed when each of the country’s  senators earn far in excess of what any head of government earns in Europe.
  • If IPOB (Biafra NGO) can be labeled a “terrorist organization” even though it has not killed anybody, why would Buhari refuse to slap the label on Boko Haram and the herdsmen who have killed thousands and destroyed millions in property?
  • Nigerians are sick and tired of the economic mess that has left most of her citizens angry and hungry.
  • Nigerians do not care for either APC or PDP  as all political parties have betrayed the citizens.
  • President Buhari, who was massively elected to fight poverty, ensure security, restructure the polity and ensure the prosperity of the country, has spent over 100 days during his first term for medical treatment while the country’s hospitals are in shambles.
  • Nigerian senators are the highest-paid lawmakers in the world, earning more than any European and American head of state.


Listen to the cries of “Diasporan Nigerians who speak for all the masses in Nigeria whose voices have been silenced by poverty and anguish. – TOLA.



Mr. Odorige and other representatives of “Diasporan Nigerians” after delivering their protest letter to the European Union.


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2018. 9:54 A.M. [GMT]

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