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Your daughter’s name is ‘Nigeria’? – Deleola Daramola

September 12, 2013


Since my relocation to the USA, I have just one thing that attracts my curiosity more than anything. Yes, not the organized culture, nor the structural engineering. I mean, not even some of their different life-styles (gayism, trans-gendering, sexually-implicit mode of dressing etc).    So what is it that catches my fancy and curiosity? Their […]

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It’s Impossible To “Not See Color” No Matter What Kim Kardashian Says – Christiana Mbakwe

March 31, 2013


Here is a poignant piece referred to me by one of my friends on this blog who work hard at never allowing me to miss essays that should be shared with other readers.  It is by a Diaspora-n, Christiana Mbakwe; it’s a great piece to open the next chapter of this blog that I wrote […]

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U.S. Votes 2012: Obama will do it again!

May 24, 2011


by Tola Adenle [The date for the Obama essay was mistakenly mixed up with the date for the Ulli Beier story to be used this Friday which was also a 3-part series.  The Beier story was February  ’09 while the Obama essay was September ’04.  Error regretted.] The next U.S. general election is more than […]

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